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Perception is everything, especially when we identify with a perception of ourselves, established on beliefs of who we think we are by “societal criteria”. When we buy into with this criteria, we are limiting our identity. Keep in mind, there is nothing ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ with this; it is an ‘identity limitation’.

A pivotal shift occurs with each of us at some point in our personal awakening when we align with pure awareness as our identity. This is referred to as the awakening process.

Current social consciousness is rife with confusion, depression, over-thinking, and anxiety. At some point, our inner voice proclaims, “That’s it! I’ve had enough of struggling and suffering!” Such exasperation is a catalyst into self-realization, intuition, and wisdom.

Sages through the ages have directed frustrated spiritual students to hit the ‘cosmic reset button’ to reframe their identity and, thus, their experiences through various practices including:

  • satsang—spending time with ‘spiritual homies’, those who are also interested in self-discovery

  • inquiry—reading/studying inspiring material to gain expanded understanding

  • sadhana (sod-na)—practicing ‘presence’ regularly

Dedicated practice of steps such as these establish in the consciousness more joy, peace, and “loving ourselves to the mountains and back”.

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