Humility and Vastness

Humility and Vastness

The vastness of space… .we gaze to the heavens and are struck with wonder. “How far does it go?” “Where is the ‘edge’?” “IS there an edge?” Humanity throughout the ages—aristocracy viewing the heavens from the balcony of a castle, cowboys drifting to sleep on their bedroll near a fading campfire, indigenous people sharing plausible creation stories under a canopy of countless stars—are captivated by the wonder, the majesty, and limitlessness of the cosmos.

Some look on the heavens and are overwhelmed with feelings of insignificance, “I am merely this one little human on a highly populated planet, a part of this solar system within the outer arm of a galaxy among many others.” What a dauntingly depressing thought!

In his poignant quote the late Carl Sagan proposed, “We are stardust”. While he was mainly referring to DNA building blocks, his statement carries a deeper level of understanding . The expansion of consciousness nudges us to transcend limited concepts, to go beyond the definition of who we are—not only in relation to one another, but also in relation to creation…and beyond.

There is a connection between ‘humility’ and ‘vastness’. Humility does not denote less than’ but rather ‘inclusive of’—everything! To be humble is to be teachable, receptive, and willing to expand. And, in that expansion, we embrace the vastness of all that we encounter—the ant carrying a crumb larger than itself, the elderly man searching his pockets to pay the cashier, and the magical starlight seeming so far, yet resonating gently in our grateful hearts.

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