Dharmatma Light LLC

“Path of the Soul”

Transitions Consulting

Relationships, career, and passing from this life.

Serving families/loved ones with legacy projects, bedside vigils, respite, and living funerals.

Dharmatma Light LLC provides client support with life change situations


In our fast-paced, hectic world, it feels like we have dealt with one crisis when another appears! Politics, the economy, bizarre weather patterns—and even stranger human patterns—are in the forefront of us every day. However, we can reframe this! We can hit the ‘cosmic reset’ button and access our own oasis of peace. You have the innate potential to move through any and all life situation challenges. Feel free to email or call me via my contact information.

  • Support for “Demystifying Death”—personal reflections on end-of-life issues, care giving/rituals for vigils, living funerals, and post-death for loved ones

    • Certified Death Doula, IAP

    • Ordained Deacon

  • Personal spiritual, conflict resolution, life-path consulting

  • Private yoga/meditation sessions—certified IKYTA

I have been working in the field of personal consulting for over 30 years. In addition to having an extensive academic and esoteric background, I bring a unique perspective to this work. I am interested in helping you access your own grounded wisdom and infuse your life situation with practicality, resilience, focus, and peace.

Often, I am called upon to assist with a loved one’s ‘transition’ into their next level of being. This process includes support for friends and family, as well as one who is approaching leaving the body.

I believe approaching this work together with an open mind and heart, you will begin to notice a pervasive serenity infusing your life. This corresponds to your own readiness to see life situations and yourself differently.

Transitions Consultant @ http//www.dharmatmalight.com Consult with me on your life situations and activating your awareness of Presence. I am also an End-of-Life Doula.